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This collection of poetry and other writings first started to be notated in 2004 when Arie de Bruyn suffered a drug induced psychosis. Instead of channeling his energies into addiction, he channeled his energies into the craft of writing. This collection of writing documents the recovery of a drug induced psychosis into a stable and formidable mind.

The Sky is Falling is Arie de Bruyn’s first attempt at a novel. It follows several characters who have the power to invade other people’s dreams. They all live in the city of Hamilton, a city economically designed to redistribute inheritance amongst successive generations. The rest of the world is collapsing and only this rag-band set of characters has the power to do anything about it. Are they all going insane? Or are they simply dreaming?

Psychic Symphony follows the lives and afterlives of four characters. Dan the contemporary bushranger and sociopath. Clemency the paranormal detective. Alex, the spirit in the afterlife and Dan’s best friend. And Adrian, the hip hop artist who gets mixed up in the paranormal series of events. The pied piper, the dark spirit, seeks control of the living and indeed that of all mankind. The story of Psychic Symphony is the battle for the control of mind against forces unknown.

Lewis is an alcoholic who works in an ice-cream shop. He has no control over his own life and is powerless to do anything about the major events in his life. He is constantly at odds with the rest of society and lives a life reclusive to the rest of society. The only power he has is through the written word. Slowly events occur in the course of history and his life becomes as manipulated as one of the characters in his novels.

Tales of Woe, Misery and Despair contains three tales and the introductory short story ‘The Heretic’ In Woe, we see the reincarnated soul of the devil as he battles with his own demons and his own place in the cosmos. In Misery, we see the inhabitants of a village caught up in the karmic cycle of death and rebirth and the karmic burden of the sacrifice of a child. In Despair, we see the life of a Buddhist monk as he struggles with his own desires and hope for a better life. These are the Tales of Woe, Misery and Despair.

This text contains over two hundred and fifty short stories of all different genres. Some of the stories cross genres and they are a range of different lengths. From short five hundred word stories to ten thousand word stories. They were hosted on different websites from the 2014 – 2020 period under the following website addresses:, and

This text contains various writings written by Arie de Bruyn in response to various issues that were of occurrence between 2017 – 2020. During the Donald Trump presidency in the United States of America. This was an extremely chaotic time in the world. With the major event being the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred on a global scale.

Life in Reverse is a continuation of both the Letters to Triple M and the Mad Bastard: Short Stories.