Arie de Bruyn

Writer/Digital Artist

Born 15th Jan 1987 in Sandringham, Melbourne, Australia to Alison de Bruyn (speech pathologist) and Dirk de Bruyn (experimental film-maker).

Arie de Bruyn wanted to be a writer ever since he was five year’s old, when his family were travelling around British Columbia, Canada. He would play a game in which he would put letters of the alphabet together and ask his parents if it was a word or wasn’t. His first correct guess at a word was, ‘toy’. In primary school he would take short stories that he had written into the school for other children to read and started his own business peddling ‘coloring books’ and other materials that they had printed off on an original Mackintosh computer.

He had difficulties in life through the divorce of his parents and being a victim of sexual abuse when he was a child and subsequently moved around through various high schools. The first of which was an accelerated learning program that was designed to complete the studies in five years instead of the allotted six. He moved out of home when he was seventeen years old and his VCE studies in the end took him seven years to complete.

He went to Deakin University and completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communication) and as part of the course studied overseas at Payap University in Chiang Mai in an international program.

He was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was twenty-two years of age and has been subsequently incarcerated within the mental health system on several occasions.

Afterwards he worked various roles including: debt collection in a call center, various laboring roles, assistant in nursing, bartending and also fruitpicking.

He has travelled and worked internationally. In Thailand as an ESL teacher and volunteering in India at a publishing agency.

He currently resides in Sunshine, Victoria, Australia.