The Collosal Mind-fuck of the Century

[THE COLLOSAL MIND-FUCK OF THE CENTURY, Genre: Thoughts, 857 words]

I discovered this pattern within the logical directive of undertaking my library technician course. It’s not the first time that I’ve undertaken studies in becoming a librarian and it happens this way. First I get into a debate with the lecturer over a question. The question is phrased incorrectly or the lecturer is misunderstanding the phrasing of the question. She then tells me what she wants from the answer and I Google that information and find the answer. But then if Google is the correct answer, the course materials are obsolete and the lecturer has to re-create the materials for the course. But then if Google is the correct answer, I’m Google searchable and identifiable so what I write is the correct answer. I describe that journey and what occurred in a previous article, ‘What happened to the library?’

Having undertaken a previous course in an attempt to become a librarian before. I found that the Chinese were investing in building library buildings within the Australian communities. That was when Kevin Rudd was in power. But if we come to the realization as stated in, ‘What happened to the library?’ That Google, the internet and the tech companies are the modern or futuristic invention of the library information resource center, then the buildings become obsolete. People still do use the library, but mainly it’s to access the internet through the library’s computer systems. Pre-internet, people used the library to check out things that they could read. What do we use the internet for? To read and research articles online. It’s accessible to anyone with a computer and internet connection. And to those who do, it’s available 24/7. Libraries are still a viable resource and we can see them remaining as community hubs. But undertaking the library course I found that they were more prevalent in this culture as free daycare centers rather than anything else. Those were the programs that were running in the library’s events calendars for the majority of the time.

So if the internet is the modern invention of the library where people share and access resources. And all of these resources become freely accessible. As was initially identified with the Napster case of free music sharing at the turn of the millennium. And the vast quantity of software design becoming freeware. Then what the hell happened to an entire generation who created music, software, video games and literature. All for free? Condemned to some form of ill fate if the government didn’t intervene. Probably why the Americans were witness to events such as the riots against the 1%, the marches against wall street and the global intervention for political reform. People were working and creating things. But they weren’t making money. Pirated software and material would have created an insurmountable amount of broken lives.

And there in lies the colossal mind-fuck of the century. The Chinese banned the use of the free internet with the Great Chinese Firewall. The Chinese were politically communist. Advent of the internet created a greater need for the equal distribution of funds and access to means in which to live a sustainable lifestyle. The Americans who developed the internet were adversely opposed to communist ideology. The Chinese were the only ones equipped to deal with the situation and they banned the internet. That’s the mind-fuck.

Meanwhile individuals who had created software, hoping people had the accessible wealth to pay for these things, were subject to internet piracy en masse. This created mass waves of criminal activity, levels of poverty never reached before, because the means in which to commercially produce things had been undercut by hackers, playstation chip hardware and an endless enterprise in which to create a freely accessible form of entertainment and information. Celebrities became influencers, supporting causes for social reform, nobody understood what the problem was because there were too many to count.

In the end it boils down to this. What you once used the library for, you now use the internet for. Enterprises in which to create these things were undercut by hackers and then overcome by tech companies. The wave of populism and suppression by the tech companies is insurmountable to the amount of human suffering that they have caused worldwide. In the end it’s just another set of power brokers replacing the old ones. Then there’s digital currencies being created which is akin to gambling and black market trade. The problem is the digital currencies aren’t overseen by a government body and therefore not identifiable with government policy or basic human rights.

It’s the god forsaken internet that’s revolutionized it all. It only became accessible in the 1990s and not to everyone at first. People are walking past my unit and yelling out in the neighborhood. It’s a constant load of shit being thrown on me, but hey? That’s what it is.

In the end the internet is better than the traditional library. It’s more freely accessible. Your computer becomes your key to access a constant stream of information.

But as for being a digital or e-star. Everybody’s getting screwed, they just don’t know it.

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