Revised Contemporary History

[Revised Contemporary History, Genre: Statement, 22 words]

And it’s all bullshit and everything goes back to a semi-normal state. Or as normal as possible after all the bullshit’s occurred.

And what that means exactly:

The people in government are trusted. They’re not leading us into a war we can’t win. They’re repairing and addressing issues as best they can. They’ll have their own team of people that looks after them and looks after us. They acknowledge the climate crisis. All of the leaders are now riding bicycles as a way of stressing clean energy transportation to the population.

I get some things wrong. Sometimes I misjudge from time to time. But this is frontier pathways that I and others are all approaching. Please bare that in mind. Rather than treating me and others like madmen. We all misjudge situations. But most of the time we’re fairly accurate.

I’m getting on with writing a novel series for anyone who wants to read that. Any input I had was already founded facts and stressing the tense on those issues.

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