Contemporary Australian History

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In the 1970s Australia became socialist or had a socialist history. In that, they partly sided with the Soviets because of the promise of free healthcare.

Under Kevin Rudd’s leadership, our largest trading partner became China.

Latest, our military has evolved into the AUSUK partnership. We had already gone through the Afghani and Iraq wars with the citizens of the U.S.

Currently there is the quad. This makes up India, Japan, Australia and the United States.


I was pushing towards an affirmation of English speaking countries. And India is no exception. The largely populous country was united under British rule. And for their history, their colonial ties to British India, many of the citizens still speak English.

In my novel, ‘Things are looking up for the Twentieth century’, I identified India as an ally of any hypothetical war over economic conditions. In my letters to Triple M, I stressed a unifying language as a key component of successful working relations and also the fact that the book was written as an anti-war parable and addressed a concern for sovereignty, rather than issues of greed.

The key component to maintaining the pacific island nations in concern to their issues of climate change was predominant in my blog writing. And so was an anti-Trump sentiment due to the social upheaval that was occurring across Australia and also the United States. Trump’s affiliation with the far-right has caused a tearing away of my own personal conscious, and also probably the American and Australian psyche.

Biden has maintained the United States under it’s mass social upheaval that occurred under Trump. And Australia now has a government that addresses the issues of climate change.

Climate change is the major and quintessential problem that the world faces in terms of the human race and it’s continued existence. As I have stated. Different weather patterns affect agriculture and we are dependent upon agriculture for our sources of food. We need this in order to sustain life, everything else is or should be secondary.

Thankfully I am not in charge. I am a writer. And all I can state is an explanation of how I view things, offer any advice that may be of support and conduct my reading of different affairs.

The Ukrainian war has re-ignited the Cold War era mentality. NATO has re-emerged and Australia has bipartisan agreement within the support of the Ukrainians and NATO. Currently, this is completely different from what we have faced historically. First, Russia was the USSR and they possessed a communist ideology. Putin has made a push for territory rather than ideological symbiosis.

China remains a communist state and as reported by our local news media. The understandings of ‘1984’ where Orwell describes a state that brainwashes their public rather allows for free thought has been witnessed within the suppression of voices, such as my own, that remain independent within their structures of controlling the populace. We have witnessed news media, particularly that of ABC news, reporting on the suppression of independent voices within the Chinese state. This has occurred since the days of Tiammonon Square and the student riots within the Chinese state that have been met with violent recourse.

The requirement for an independent voice allows for a method in which individuals can freely express themselves and contribute to the overall voice of a nation. The synthesis of many voices contribute to an overall decision. And thus, we are all components of a single identity. Rather than a single identity over-ruling all.

‘Media Watch’ has reported that the voice of those impoverished is protected by human rights. In which one can freely express themselves without legal recourse from ‘the rich and powerful’. The problem that occurs for the reader or viewer then becomes, which sources of information are reliable and which are divergent from issues of truth and freedom. Thus preserving the essence of free speech, but also acknowledging the ability for intelligent content rather than hyperbole.

We, as Australians, are drawn between the context of Hollywood and the content that this then creates which is still a superpower. The requirement for high forms of entertainment is and always will supersede for attention when it comes to a financially inept enterprise such as my own. Thus, the more professional the organization. The higher quality of content it will produce. The more viewers or followers it will attract.

These blog posts are not necessarily the truth. However, they represent a contemporary truth or a sentiment that is used to make sense of the present, rather than their being any continuity in the long-term. They are evolving events based on my own experience and understandings. The level of chaos that occurred during the Trump presidency allowed for my voice to be recognized. And thus once a level of order was established through the discussion and political outcome of the latest election. The issues addressed and the requirement obsolete.

In this. The ability for political free speech of those impoverished or of individual ventures such as my own has been maintained. There then, the issues of those in poverty can be addressed suitably who have access to online forums such as or

These ventures do not allow for political hate speech or the publishing of the swastika. Thus becomes my argument of, ‘attacking the idea, not the person’. Attacking the idea would be a theological argument rather than a contribution to hate speech. And thus free speech can be maintained. Thus, identity assimilation with the far-right or white supremacist ideals in a multi-national country is not acceptable.

As for events of my satire as a mode or modular of expression. This is a form of expression rather than hate speech. And thus an outlet for creative potential and release from the stress or stresses of everyday life. That becomes the question of, ‘What is art?’ Films such as ‘Romper Stomper’ have addressed the Neo-Nazi existence within Australia since the 1980s.

There is a culture of ignorance that occurs. As a blogger. I can ignore any comments that are published on my blog. That is freedom of choice. However, so is creating an online identity. It is your choice to create that online identity. Whether you ignore or recognize an individual becomes your choice. But then the right to expression, or freedom of expression to state or express themselves of people inconsiderate of others is also their choice. Such is the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of those that create or choose to exhibit an online identity. The online troll is akin to someone who expresses their dissatisfaction at a football match. The internet, least to say, is in itself an exhibition.

Being made aware of factors. The cycle of hate that occurs. The internet is like a roulette wheel of hate. A rolling snow ball of dissatisfaction that must be released at one point or another. And thus you have your issues of massacres and issues of terrorism. The U.S predominantly features these due to access to weaponry. However, dissatisfaction or hate usually occurs on people closest to these people. And as such you have incidents of men murdering their families in violent recourse, higher male suicide rates and the like. Racial tensions result in catastrophic incidents of violence and hate. It is then, not to be held supreme, but to be at peace with a multi-cultural identity as the world presently exists. Remember there are ex-patriots of every nation within other nations who make up the minority there. And thus their identities and nationalities remain preserved in those countries. There is no competition of race, for to express this is to start a race war where peace must be preserved. Our current term of Australian government currently reflects our multi-cultural identity. This is not then an issue of race, but an individual misunderstanding of global identity. And an uneducated public will constantly be at odds with itself. To identify with national characteristics rather than individual characteristics thus brings about issues of contention. However, we are bound by national law and thus any cultural output is a production of these laws being enforced. The internet, by at large, is made of communication restraints and thus the language thereby defines the identity. Cultural output thereby being effected by law and then cultural misunderstandings occurring internationally in differences of law.

In Australia the internet and free-speech has been maintained by an article of defense, ‘Against the rich and powerful.’ Thus those without a voice, have been maintained in their right to express. And thus issues faced by those in poverty can be addressed suitably.


Both sides are oppressing modes of speech. English language speakers are oppressing hate speech. Chinese oppressing criticism of forms of government. There is a difference, in Australian politics this addresses the need for social reform. And thereby those educated enough to express themselves can initiate the change required to address social reform. There is an acceptance of an uneducated public. As evolutions within the digital world remain ignorant of international law and media law. Individual’s access to the internet do not make them professors or advocates of media law or an ability to express themselves in accordance with international law.

The Question:

The question then becomes, ‘What is hate speech?’ Is it an expression of anger such as a troll’s comment? The definition of hate speech and it’s distinctions is not as yet clearly defined. And this then creates an ultimadum, do you erase representations of historic hate speech to oppress it? Thus erasing history? This creates an oppression of historic incidents of genocide. Such as with the indigenous people of both Australia and the United States.

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