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When addressing the issues of anti-Semitism, particularly the incidents at Brighton Secondary College. I’m going to recount some of my experiences. I attended Brighton Secondary college and was accepted into the Select Entry Accelerated Learning program. It was the initial pilot and they were attempting to figure out many of the things that occurred within the school. Many of my classmates were of Jewish descent and I was friends with many of them. First of all, Brighton Secondary was a state school, not the pinnacle of education.

In my own history. After spending much time with these people, I grew frustrated. But that’s after spending a lot of time with them. I went through a friendship breakdown and they we went our separate ways in our own individual journey. Try as I might to repair things, this is the adult world and everyone else is busy juggling their own responsibilities and pursuing their own journey.

My grandmother was of Dutch heritage and lived through the Nazi occupation of Holland during the Second World War. She also witnessed the economic restrictions being placed on the German people and recounted tales of mass upheaval that occurred during that period. The factors that lead up to the Holocaust.

It was of my understanding, having been made aware of these factors that during mass struggle the German people blamed the Jewish people for their own struggles. And yes, I am struggling now. I am surviving fiscally and receive little help in accommodating my own needs. But do I or would I blame the Jewish people, my old circle of friends from Brighton Secondary College? The truth is the Jewish people make up a minority, I can’t blame them for lack of book sales or the fact that anything of mental effort is largely ignored. For my own needs, my friends didn’t owe me anything except perhaps the recourse for social company. And the truth of life is that relationships come and go. They build up in times of mutual struggle and breakdown over time. My own advice at the time was, ‘separate and disassociate.’ But this was more in the veins of being peeved and walking away from the circumstance before doing anything stupid.

All people are different. And when you select the Jewish people as a group, then there’s something deeply wrong. I would state the reasons for anti-Semitism were more publicly responsible to when the Australian military flew the swastika. Or Trump and his affiliation with the far right wing. Rather than my blog or writing which was stating that if you get upset to walk away from the situation before you do anything stupid.

Well, stupid things have been done. There at that school. One of the schools that I went to during my high school education. First of all I’d say this. Having attended several high schools that this anti-Semite sentiment was more prevalent in the rural setting rather than the metropolitan. So when this becomes prevalent in metropolitan areas. Then there would be something wrong.

I would state from my memories of the school that the boys in the S.E.A.L program were ostracized by the rest of the student body. But that’s because we were ‘nerds’ and all had an advanced interest in different subjects. The reason why I was able to get along with the other students, of Jewish descent, is because we partook in extra-curricular activities like the debating team, the Mittagundi camp and other activities advancing the interest and pursuits beyond the high school curriculum. In that avenue we were set apart from the rest of the student body without conflict. I would state that without other students there of advanced interests. The culture of the Jewish identity lacks assimilation with the rest of the student body.

Blaming the Jewish people for our present condition. Climate change, the economic mind-fuck that that brings, the confusing state of the world as it presently exists. That’s not their fault. That’s a joint effort. A human race collective fuck-up. Blaming any group, whether they be female, whether they be male, whether it’s the color of their skin, whether it’s their racial identity or sexual orientation. It doesn’t bloody matter. You never attack a person, you attack the idea.

We all have our different ways of fighting. Myself with my opinion articles and other individuals of different degrees. The attitude that existed at that period was prevalent, but we all fought back and against it. I felt torn about the whole thing because of my own personal social situation, breaking ties with old friends. Right wing political beliefs create those types of scenarios. And yes, I too have just gone through my own shit-haul of problems.

In the end of that court case. The teachers had a duty of care which they have clearly failed. So, there… That’s my take on that thing.

For the Jewish people, my message was, ‘Yes, you’re all intelligent. But in a dumbed down world. That pisses everyone off.’

So please be careful.

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