What happened to the library?

[What happened to the library?, Genre: Diary, 899 words]

I recently went to do a library technician course and it left me infuriated.

First of all. They weren’t giving attention to the students who had experience in developing themselves in a modern literary sense. Instead they preferred to give attention to people who had nothing to say and no advanced knowledge in information literacy. It was essentially a disgusting display of people attempting to acquire work, who had no previous relevant experience in what they were attempting to teach.

Here’s what happened to me. First of all, I was sent on a group assignment where one of the other students insisted that we do a display of dungeons of dragons. I, personally, do not have anything against dungeons and dragons. Having played games like Baldur’s Gate II and other D&D based software, I actually quite enjoy that world. However, we had a time limit. And so I attempted to explain to the other students that because of time limit specifications for the presentations. Teaching the world of D&D within a half an hour presentation was not feasible. I was then sent to do the presentation by myself. Which I did.

After that I was called into the co-coordinator’s office, to speak about my behavior. I had already gone through a lot. In arguing and debating issues for future generations against a right-wing government that (1) didn’t believe in climate change at the beginning of their terms of government. (2) Debating the fall-out of the trans-pacific partnership. An agreement that allowed for global unity and agreement. And was only disrupted because of the right-wing government and Trumpian politics. Who were motivated by greed. The Russian invasion of Ukraine was going to happen anyway. News media had covered the Russian/Ukraine conflict in the years preceding the Trump administration. Trump essentially doubled the fun with the Chinese. So I was reeling from that experience and expected, as a writer, some form of sympathy that made my life easier from the librarians.

Instead I got a teacher who would rather go to a football game than read a book. And then I had these people targeting me with their own form of inquisition.

I was then targeted again for asking a student out for a coffee to discuss the coursework.

After this and watching news media reporting on climate change: floods; wild bushfires throughout the world; and freak gusts of winds that had literally lifted up a bouncing castle that killed a bunch of school children.

I was then submitted to the care of a psychiatric ward because I expressed my anger to a mental health team. I got out of the psychiatric ward and continued doing the course, not wanting to have anything to do with the rest of the staff and students. I continued studying reading the materials present online. When I had to debate with the teacher on a question where the course materials had provided the answer and received the reply, ‘I can’t debate the semantics of English grammar in the question.’ Which was an admission, in part, that the question was phrased incorrectly and I should have passed the assessment.

After this I started swallowing a bunch of pills and was re-admitted to the psychiatric ward for a suicide attempt. In this I talked to a psychiatric nurse about my studies to become a library technician. She told me that she uses the library all the time, to keep the thing going, she goes there to hire out ten books every two weeks. When I asked her if she reads the books. She told me that she doesn’t. That is depressing.

About a month afterwards I went into the local library. I found myself a copy of ‘First person singular’ by Haruki Murakami and sat down and read one of the stories. There was no-one else in there apart from a few people using computers. As I read a bunch of young adults or teenagers walked past the window and shouted out something like, ‘Let’s get drunk.’

And meanwhile the library staff are all standing around the front desk with what can be described as, ‘Standing around with your thumb up your arse.’

But the general answer is that libraries don’t function like they used to anymore because all of the resources one would find at their local library are now accessible through the internet.

  • Academia.edu covers academic articles.
  • Reddit.com acts as a global forum and global community noticeboard.
  • Working within government and corporate departments, they all have their own online databases.
  • Torrent sites like the Pirate Bay and others cover everything else.
  • Writers such as myself usually start up their own blogging sites and can be found through a Google search.

Anybody who’s telling you differently is attempting to preserve libraries to keep their high paying job. It’s all a complete disgrace. Some people still use the thing because they lack access to adequate space in which to concentrate and study.

At a different level the DVD rental store where I was previously living went out of business.

But realistically they kicked out all the awesome people who then went on to create and share all things that would be found in a library in an online space. Otherwise none of the tech industries and information sharing centers would exist. Google is the technological conception of the Great Library of Alexandria.

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