Understanding Violence

[Understanding Violence, Genre: Thoughts, 784 words]

Hearing of incidents like the Texas gun shooting and the ongoing massacres that occur across the United States. Can I say I’m surprised? It’s been a constant stream of massacres and school shootings ever since the Columbine incident with Eric Harris.

I cannot say that I understand American culture as much because I don’t live there and wasn’t brought up in it. However, I can state a few things from my own experience. First, I know what it means to be angry. I have been brought up and faced adverse circumstances through my life. From drug abuse to incidents of bullying. To discrimination through mental health stigma to other things. Most of these things are just misunderstandings, and people’s lack of ability to explain themselves or the situation continually acts as a prodding rod to incite an agitated state of mind. Least to say a troubled youth and childhood. What can I say? I know what it means to be angry.

In Australia we have gun laws that were invoked after the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania. An incident where lives were taken. There have also been further incidents in which mentally ill people have driven in the Melbourne CBD going on a Grand Theft Auto styled rampage. You won’t be able to stop people from going crazy. You can lessen their access to weapons that would aid them in their mad endeavors.

As for everyone else. Anyone who’s reading this. Anybody who feels hard done by. Or just the people growing up in this world. What can I say? What advice can I offer to you in a world full of harsh realities? I would tell you this, there is one thing in this world that we all love. It is our passion. It is something that has defined our personalities from a very early age. I would tell them to never let that one thing go. It will lead you to unexpected places. It will give you purpose and will to exist in this world. Those are your dreams, don’t let them go. Because without them, you may fall to the pathways of anger and devastation that lead to this type of destruction. There are arseholes in this world. We all have periods of self-doubt. Hopefully we can see that by simple preservation, things will work out for the best. It may not be what you desired or what you expected. But it will be for the best.

Anger… Well, we all get angry. These cycles of anger can lead to yelling at a stranger on the street. Or just being an arsehole ourselves because somebody else put us in a foul mood. In the larger perspective of these things, sometimes it’s a game of pass the parcel. And we all. As individuals must be aware of the effect that we’re having on those around us. And attempt to find positive or beneficial ways to release that anger.

There’s an old saying, ‘Bite your tongue.’ It means, quite literally, to bite your tongue before you say or do something stupid. I have been in fights before. Growing up and living in the world. Sometimes defending myself and other times getting harmed. The point is violence isn’t acceptable. As we grow up we realize that this is the case and these incidents have real consequences. Sometimes it’s better to slap yourself before taking your anger out on others around you. Because in the end, the guy with the gun, may very well be the one who can’t defend himself physically, but has the ability to pull a trigger or drive a car.

All actions have consequences. That’s the point. And an action such as telling someone off. Yelling at someone. They all make someone else feel inferior. For the larger perspective, it isn’t necessarily one person or some demented person’s fault. As Shakespeare stated, ‘There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark’. It’s an idea, a concept. It exists at a cultural level. These incidents of gun violence are like an alarm clock now. And it’s not only happening in the U.S. It’s happening in Australia, it’s happening in the U. K. When people see no option for themselves, this will happen.

The current definition of the state is at odds with our own soul. Our own ambitions in life. Living in the world isn’t easy. That’s why we all need to equip ourselves with coping mechanisms in this world. Education, meditation, psychological understandings, the will to expression and hope. Most of all hope. We all need hope in this world that there is something out there guiding us towards an ultimate definition of ourselves. Trust in that and peace be with you.

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