Living in harmony with Nature

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It was the old axiom of ‘living in harmony with nature’ that helped me identify the first initial stages of my own journey. It was a Pagan ideal that existed before the concepts of Christianity. But it still existed.

When we identify the dark age as coming a halt to a time when technology was in development and the push back to a medieval way of life we must ask ourselves ‘why?’ Why do people believe in Gods, either in the pantheon term or the modern constructs of Christianity. Why were we taught this garbage instead of following the scientific method?

I can only state it as an idea. One that I have attempted to explain over and over again through my novels. Firstly, man cannot control his own behavior without any form of moral compass to guide him. And another, that we exist as conceptual beings and not as robots. We live in the guidance of our language. Language is a man made construct and it determines our cultural heritage. Our cultural heritage, thus defines our moral compass and thus defines how we behave as individuals within society.

At the period of the enlightenment where they saw technological advancement, there was a push back from the Church condemning such practices. It was a political power play in the regards that technology empowered those who were without. But then I’m living in this era and not that one. So I cannot account for what happened or what was actually going on back then.

Looking back before that time, there was the legend of the lost city of Atlantis. Parables and myths that have been long lost in their guidance of human civilization. A city swallowed by the sea that was practicing advanced technology. That’s a human myth and when we consider that there was indigenous life in Australia carbon dated 40,000 years ago. We can see how much of the old wisdom and history has been swallowed up by successive generations fighting for their egos to be represented in the page books of history.

Why was technology condemned in such a way? I believe because it countered the axiom of living in harmony with nature. And there we have the apple of knowledge that condemned humanity to its fate in the book of genesis.

It’s a difficult idea to get one’s head around. That we are at a stage of evolution that is capable of technological advancement. But because we exist in the flesh, any of our technological advancements are slaves to the desires of the flesh. And thus corrupted as advancements because they are of benefit not to the advancement of civilization, but to instant gratification. That’s what happens when you let market forces roam free. What sells isn’t what’s best for you, but what makes you feel good.

Living in harmony with nature? Well, we wouldn’t have cars, we would be dependent upon horses for transportation still. Less movement around the world meant less conflict. Less technological support meant higher mortality rates.

In a metaphorical term. This is what has contributed to climate change. We have a highly populated planet. Most people own cars or petrol run vehicles. A supply and demand economy means that we were dependent upon fossil fuels for our development. A luxurious lifestyle allowed for easy living.

This is just a concept. Realistically, they have access to clean energy. Why that technology hasn’t become pre-dominant around the world is because the fossil fuel industry was dependent because of their own economic gain. Which amounted to conflict and arguments.

What you had was people creating alternative theories about climate change and because it was in support of those already in establishing power, transition to cleaner forms of energy were made difficult. The climate crisis was in development because of established power structures from the industrial era fighting to retain power. And seeking alternative facts to the scientific reasoning as was produced by documentaries like, ‘An inconvenient truth.’

Human beings were to account for their effect on nature as the modern conveniences produced by the industrial age determined so. In that way it’s like the behavior of a drug addict. We’re addicted to convenience. And unwilling to sacrifice convenience for the greater good.

The Australian government has turned. They’re going to do something about climate change. And this all happened because they saw the effects. And that was with increased spikes in the climate, this meant crop failure. Crop failure is food, if it isn’t being fed to humans, it’s being fed to cattle. Human beings are dependent on food. You get the idea.

I remember talking to an environmental science student back in 2008. They were being fed alternative theories of climate change to advance the nationalist agenda. We were trading in raw resources and dependent upon raw resources for our capital. Academic reasoning seemed to support those ideas. The perpetual recycling of bullshit to support economic gain has amounted to the world we live in.

I will tell you something though, in a world where climate change and crop failure exists. Food and agriculture is going to become a much more valuable resource than the raw minerals required to produce your iPhone screen.

So the fight against the structures of power established in the industrial age have come out on the side of climate change. In the end, considering how many different factors there are to it all, I would consider depopulation. Depopulation does not mean killing everyone in sight. Depopulation means choosing an alternative lifestyle over that of the pre-conceived notion of the atomic family. And if you are going to have a family, limiting the number of family members. Living conscientiously means riding a bicycle to do your grocery shopping. It means developing a life you can live where you’re not beaten into submitting into a life of concepts of traditional family values. It means putting a halt to this constant cycle of exponential growth. Because in the end, exponential growth is not ‘living in harmony with nature.’

In the end those who were living an alternative lifestyle that I knew of chose to settle down with a family. The heroes ended up being the LGBTQ+ organizations that fulfilled the alternative lifestyles for people in the community. And it’s only because exponential growth can’t grow exponentially forever. But you can’t determine sexual attraction, people are born that way.

The government won on a single major issue in the end. Which was climate change. The bushfires, the floods… When people saw the effects. Then they wanted change. The type of change required for all of this has now become drastic because of it all. The labor government is more multi-cultural, because this is a global problem and not a national one.

The world as we know it today… Is a complete mind-fuck. Just try and be conscientious in everyday living.

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