What the hell did I just read: the chaos of Neuromancer

[What the hell did I just read: the chaos of Neuromancer, Literature, 590 words]

I just read Neuromancer and at the end of the reading, I asked myself ‘what the hell did I just read?’ Now, I’m not a big sci-fi reader, so that kind of explains that. I had no troubles reading a lot of books, but for some reason I couldn’t quite quantify the implications and follow Neuromancer’s storyline.

What I got from reading the story was, Case gets a mission… Then, there’s loads of guns and drugs. He has to keep on taking sim-stem, and a whole bunch of people are dying everywhere. There’s a bunch of terms that he’s coined such as cyberspace and a whole bunch of things that I couldn’t follow exactly. Now, the New York times calls it ‘a masterpiece that moves faster than the speed of thought.’ There’s guns everywhere and drugs. I didn’t exactly understand what the hell was happening. But then, maybe that’s the point.

If we look at how the internet works or just the digital environment in general. Most of us are completely confused by it. Everything happens at a million miles a minute. There’s a whole digital world of video games, shoot-em-ups and a whole bunch of other stuff that happens at a million miles a minute. Andy Warhol coined the term, fifteen minutes of fame, but the digital environment has brought on fifteen seconds of fame. How else can you describe the digital landscape without a book like Neuromancer to make sense of it all. Things just kept on happening in that book and it was all action. There was a small part in a bar where Case goes for further instruction. Lots of references to holograms and all sorts of things. Codenames like 3Jane and 8Jane. I’m honest… I didn’t know what the hell was going on. So much action, then simstim (drugs). The journey was rocket propelled.

I don’t know how I’d make sense of the digital journey otherwise. So many anonymous people. Hackers and a whole bunch of crazy crap. Most of the fiction I read stays clear of the internet and transcribing the experience to a literal level isn’t exactly featured in a lot of things I’ve read. The integration of technology into part of our lives, of entering ‘cyberspace’ or ‘jacking in’. The book was prophetic in that it enabled everyone to get their heads around everything that the internet represented. And the internet, the digital environment, was pure unadulterated chaos. That’s why it’s so difficult to follow, because it’s describing chaos.

But what the hell happened to the real world? Climate change, wars and a whole bunch of shit. People have been living in a digital world while the real world falls apart. Everyone’s psychology was severely affected by the virtual world. Neuromancer made sense of a lot of these things. Just a whole bunch of drugs and guns. I’ve seen the news describe things such as digital concerts and all sorts of things. There were Massive Multiplayer Online games. And the internet with all of it’s troll activity is kind of like a mosh pit. Everyone just constantly bumping into each other and rubbing each other up the wrong way. Reality is chaos anyway, why would a digitization of it be any different?

As for my experience of the internet. Well, it drove me insane. People don’t talk to you. People treat you like an arsehole in real-life and then go on to put on a presentation of how good they are online. Nothing’s actually how it appears.

Or in the final moments of Neuromancer, ‘He met a girl who called herself Michael.’

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